Cuffwear Video Segment showing the Magnetic Power Stays from Wurkin Stiffs

Posted on October 26, 2015 by Chris Zownir | 1 comment

Check out our first video of our new series, today we introduce the magnetic Power Stays by Wurkin Stiffs.

In this video, we give you a brief introduction to one of our favourite products. Invented and patented by Wurkin Stiffs founder Jonathan Boos, the magnetic power stays from Wurkin Stiffs are one of best menswear products on the market. Now that neck ties are not required at most office jobs, it just takes a brief walk around the financial district in any North American city to see how bad men's collars are. Most dress shirts have a slot for a removable collar stay and typically they arrive with plastic stays. Depending on the shirt, these may have little positive effect as they will curl or bend over time. How many times have you forgot to take the plastic stays out when you take your shirts to the dry cleaner? Without a tie, the collar can fly way out of control, curl upwards or if you a wearing a blazer, it may try and hide under the blazer collar. None of these is ideal.  

Have you ever felt your collar had a mind of its own and would't stay in the right spot? This is what kept happening to the inventor Jonathan Boos. While at a romantic dinner with his wife Amy, Jonathan's shirt was driving him crazy, the collar just would not stay in the right spot. When he arrived home after dinner, he was determined to figure out a way to secure his collar. He tried a bunch of different things including paper clips and finally he came up with the idea to use magnets with metal stays.  

The patented power stays have been a huge hit, they are now carried in Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, Nieman Marcus, Harry Rosen and a large number of menswear and gift shops. Jonathan has been featured on Shark Tank and CNBC. 

You can order the Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Power Stays from the Cuffwear site in the category called wurkinstiffs

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Jack Bingleman
Jack Bingleman

October 30, 2015

Like your video. You look and sound good.
Those collar stiffs solve one of life’s little problems.

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