Cuffwear's vending machine in the news again

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Chris Zownir | 0 comments

There's a lot of buzz around our cufflink vending machine in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood.  CTV News got in touch:

Cuffwear president Chris Zownir says the high-tech, touchscreen-enabled vending machines are a "fun user experience," and far more advanced than the typical candy bar dispenser.

"The machine is made in Italy, it's a very sexy-looking machine, and so I think people are just drawn over by the appearance of it," Zownir told by phone on Wednesday.

The Cuffwear vending machine has 42 cufflink styles on display in a purple LED-lit glass display case. Customers use a touchscreen interface to pick the cufflinks they want, then charge the purchase ($65 per pair) to their credit card. The machine uses a mechanical tray to retrieve the pre-gift-wrapped cufflinks and deposit them to the customer.

Zownir says it made a lot of sense to put cufflinks in a vending machine. The one-size-fits-all, often-changed (and easily lost) fashion accessories are a hot item among fashion-forward men.

"Guys that love wearing cufflinks, it's just an easy fit," Zownir said. He added that he's also seen many women use the vending machine to buy cufflinks as gifts for the men in their lives.

If you're not in the Toronto area, don't fret -- Cuffwear offers free ground shipping on all North American orders.  Take a look at our full selection!

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