Review of basic shirt collars and cuffs

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This week we review some of the basic styles of shirt collars and shirt cuffs. Keep in mind there are other variations of some of the basic shirt collar styles. For example, we speak about the spread collar, there are many variations of the Spread Collar including the English Spread,  Italian Spread and Abbreviated Spread with availability depending on the shirt maker. 

                                                                                                                                    Source WSJ

 For formal occasions there is also the Wing Tip collar shown below. This style isn't as popular as it was in the 80's. 

Shirt cuffs can come down to personal preference, we review some of the basic ones and once again each can have variation on the finishing. For example, you can have a "cut away" or "bevelled"  cuff. We show an example below on a French cuff, however, you can also create this detail on a barrel cuff. The finishing is really about personal preference and attention to detail. 

The latest trend is the growth in the convertible cuff shirt, where cufflinks are an option. We are seeing department stores in particular carrying more of this style. Cufflinks must be used when wearing a French cuff or "foldover cuff" shirt. The concept of exclusivity for French cuff shirts and cufflinks only for high ranking executives and formal occasions is over. French cuffs and cufflinks are now appropriate for every day wear and it is now common for entry level business people to wear cufflinks to work. 

There are a lot of variables when it comes to men's shirts and we will be sharing a video and post in a few weeks where we review the proper fit and other important details to make sure you look your best!

In the meantime, if you haven't already moved to custom, made to measure shirts, I highly recommend it. There are options to suit every budget and once you start, it's difficult to go back.

Here are my favourite place to buy custom, made to measure shirts in Toronto. I have listed them in terms of price point from lowest to highest.

1. Empire Customs -  $120 +

2. Clive Richard - $159 +  

3. Quattro - $195 +            

4. Gotstyle  - $200 +         

5. Marlon Durrant Bespoke $250 +

Visit us again next week for another episode of our Cuffwear video series. 

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