Toronto’s pair of peculiar vending machines — dispensing cronuts and cufflinks side by side

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Chris Zownir | 0 comments

Cuffwear's Yorkville vending machine was featured in the National Post today:

One Riverdale woman who bought cufflinks for her husband – she did not want her name published, because it would spoil a Christmas surprise — said she noticed a lot of excitement around the two ‘‘very posh looking vending machines.’’

‘‘I couldn’t believe that you could buy doughnuts and cuff links. There was a man there who couldn’t resist buying both. I had to take  a look.

‘‘Of course once I saw that they had cuff links with guitars on them I was sold. It was a totally impulsive and I honestly don’t know if they were worth the $65, but they came in a nice box and a very swish little bag. It was just  lot of fun. And I resisted the doughnuts!’’

Come down to the Cumberland Terrace mall to see it in action!

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