The Very Basics of Men's Suit Jackets

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This week we take a closer look at the very basics of Men's suit jackets and blazer styles. 

There are many variations and customization options for men's suit jackets and blazers these days. The custom, made-to-measure market has never been hotter or more affordable in North America. We will focus on the proper fit in one of our upcoming segments where we will interview an expert, but for now we will just go over the basics of the more popular styles. 

First we will look at the lapel styles:

Above are the three basic styles of lapels. Below we show the 2 basic jacket styles.

The single breasted can come with one or more buttons in a row and the double breasted jacket is defined by the overlapping front flap with 2 rows of parallel buttons. 

The options for the back of the jacket are shown below, the double vent (the far left) is the most popular.

There are many detailed custom features that you can add to your suit or blazer to make it more personal, some of the more popular items are:

Ticket pocket - the small pocket that is occasionally found above the right hip pocket on a jacket. It follows the angle and style of the pocket below it. 

Pick stitching - visible stitches around the lapel of the suit jacket or blazer, using hand sewn.

Surgeon's cuffs - this is where the buttons on the cuff of the jacket are functional and not just decorative.

Contrast stitching - a detail where the lapel hole has a contrast color thread or one or more of the cuff holes has a contrast color thread.

 Patch pockets - a pocket made of a separate piece of cloth sewn onto the outside of a garment.


Here are some questions answered that may be helpful.

what type of hanger can I use for my suits and blazers?
never use a wire hanger, always use the big hanger that came with the suit or blazer, this will help preserve the shape and structure of the shoulders of the suit, and hang up your suit! .....every. single. time!

should I dry clean my suit jacket and suit pants always at the same time?
yes, dry cleaning can fade the original color of the fabric over time so its best to always dry clean the complete suit at the same time

why are the outside, side pockets sewn shut on my jacket?
you should never use the side pockets of your suit jacket, using them will compromise the shape of your jacket so its best to keep them sewn shut

is the fit of my jacket important?
this is the most important part, the #1 issue in menswear is a lot of guys buy clothes that are too big for them, we will interview an expert in one of our future segments

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